Tổng hợp bộ sách Chẩn đoán hình ảnh (Diagnostic Imaging Series)

Tổng hợp bộ sách Chẩn đoán hình ảnh (Diagnostic Imaging series)

Bộ sách Y khoa DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING của nhà xuất bản Elsevier là một trong những bộ textbook Y khoa kinh điển trong chuyên ngành Chẩn đoán hình ảnh. Đây là bộ sách chẩn đoán hình ảnh đầy đủ các cơ quan từ não, đầu cổ, ngực, bụng, cơ xương khớp…và các chuyên khoa sâu như chẩn đoán hình ảnh nhi khoa, sản phụ khoa, y học hạt nhân…

Specialty Imaging: Temporomandibular Joint 1ed 2016

Specialty Imaging: Temporomandibular Joint offers expert insight into modern imaging of the temporomandibular joint by employing a multifaceted, multispecialty viewpoint of this difficult to understand joint. Image-rich content combines with easy-to-read text, bringing together the clinical perspectives and imaging expertise of today’s research specialists.

Specialty Imaging: Thoracic Neoplasms 1ed 2016

Part of the highly regarded Specialty Imaging series, this unique title by Dr. Melissa L. Rosado-de-Christenson clearly presents the imaging features of all thoracic neoplasms (including those affecting the cardiovascular system) as well as staging of malignancies and patterns of metastatic spread in a single, convenient volume.

Specialty Imaging: HRCT of the Lung 2ed 2017

Part of the highly regarded Specialty Imaging series, this fully updated second edition by Drs. Santiago Martínez-Jiménez, Melissa L. Rosado-de-Christenson, and Brett W. Carter, reflects the many recent changes in HRCT diagnostic interpretation. An easy-to-read bulleted format and state of the art imaging examples guide you step-by-step through every aspect of thin-section CT and HRCT in the evaluation of patients with suspected lung disease. This book is an ideal resource for radiologists who need an easily accessible tool to help them understand the indications, strengths, and limitations of HRCT in their practice.

Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatric Neuroradiology 2ed 2015

From training to practice, Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatric Neuroradiology is a must have reference for all health professionals who order, perform, or interpret imaging studies of the brain, head, neck, spinal column, and spinal cord in children. This meticulously updated second edition offers the latest knowledge in the diagnosis of all common and many uncommon pediatric nervous system disorders.

Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics 3ed 2017

More than 400 diagnoses that are delineated, referenced, and lavishly illustrated highlight the third edition of this bestselling reference. Award-winning educator Dr. Carl Merrow and his expert author team provide carefully updated information in a concise, bulleted format, keeping you current with recent advances in pediatric radiology.