Skeletal Imaging: Atlas of the Spine and Extremities 2nd Edition

Quyển Atlas diễn giải trực quan và chính xác các hình ảnh về rối loạn cơ xương khớp. Hình ảnh học xương: Atlas cột sống và các chi, phiên bản thứ 2 (Skeletal Imaging: Atlas of the Spine and Extremities 2nd Edition) bao gồm từng vùng giải phẫu riêng biệt, và các rối loạn phổ biến được trình bày trong bối cảnh của từng vùng.

Bone and Joint Imaging 3rd Edition

The New Edition updates and distills all of the most important content from Dr. Donald Resnick’s 5-volume Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders, 4th Edition into a single, concise source.

Skeletal Radiology: The Bare Bones 3ed 2010

Written by an acknowledged master in the field, Skeletal Radiology: The Bare Bones is a succinct, focused, clinically oriented textbook in musculoskeletal radiology.
This Third Edition includes all modalities in current use, including plain film, ultrasound, PET-CT, and much more MRI than previous editions. The book includes over 900 images selected from the teaching files and clinical case material at leading medical centers.

Musculoskeletal MRI 2nd Edition 2016

Musculoskeletal MRI 2e 2016

Musculoskeletal MRI covers the entire musculoskeletal system and related conditions, both common and rare.
The text is neatly divided into sections based on the major anatomic divisions. Each section discusses anatomic subdivisions or joints, keeping sections on normal anatomy and pathologic findings close to each other, allowing radiologists to easily compare images of normal and pathologic findings.